On the Ball with Abs 

On top of cardio, I always end my session doing abs.  Let's be honest.. after two kids and being almost 30, my body ain't what it used to be.  It's an up and down journey.  I can't make it to the gym majority of the time so I try and use smaller equipment at home.  One of my favorite, low cost pieces of equipment I use is my weighted stability ball.  The sand inside the ball helps to give me an extra bit of weight for my session.  Try these moves doing 3 rounds of 20 reps each after your next cardio workout to switch up your at home ab routine!

5 of my Favorite Stability Ball Ab Exercises:

Plank Shoulder Taps
With your feet on the ball, bring yourself into a plank position.  Hold this position while tapping each should with the opposite hand.  Repeat a total of 20 times (10 per side)

Hamstring Roll outs
Laying on your back with your hands out to either side, put your feet on the ball so that your body is raised with your booty off the ground and the weight resting on your upper back.  (The picture above is an example of this!)  Keeping your abs engaged, roll the ball toward your butt and then back out.  Repeat 20 times.

Back Extensions
            Laying with your belly on the ball, bend your arms and place your hands behind your head.  Set your feet in a wide stand and rest your torso against the ball.  Using your abs to stabilize, lift your chest up as high as your can and hold for a second before returning to the beginning position.  Repeat 20 times.

Leg Lifts
            Laying flat on your back, hold the ball in between your ankles.  With legs straight, life the ball up toward the ceiling until you reach a 90 degree angles and then slowly lower back down until you are hovering a few inches above the ground.  Repeat 20 times keeping the ball off of the ground the entire time.


            Starting in the same position as the leg lifts, bring your arms and legs up off the ground keeping both straight.  Transfer the ball from your feet to your hands and lower back down.  Repeat 20 times.

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