Sweat it out in 20
20 minutes is all you need for this quick full body circuit.  The best thing about this type of workout is that it can easily be done before you go to work, before the kids get up, or during your child's nap time right in your own home with no equipment.  Sometimes I don't have an hour to dedicate to my fitness journey so on days that are hectic, I make sure to sneak in a shorter workout to stay on track.

Sweat it out with this cardio, strength, and core workout!

Jumping Jacks for 1 Minute 30 Seconds
Stretch for 1 Minute

1 Minute Mountain Climbers
1 Minute Plie Squats
1 Minute Bicycle Crunches

1 Minute Ski Jumps
1 Minute Chair Dips (Tricep Dips)
1 Minute Leg Raises

1 Minute High Knees
1 Minute Jump Squats
1 Minute Knee-Ins

I Minute Butt Kicks
1 Minute Alternating Lateral Lunge
1 Minute Plank

1 Minute Line Hops
1 Minute Donkey Kicks (30 secs each leg)
1 Minute Toe Touches

Cool Down:
Stretch for 2 minutes
Cross legs, close eyes, and deeply breathe in and out for 1 minute

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