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Made Up For Fall

So I was a little late to the game with make-up.  I had the horrible over the counter, too thick look when I was in high school and I cringe looking at old photos.  As an adult, I am not embarrased to admit I have youtubed applications once or twice.. or every weekend.  I'm finally in a good place with my brushes and am ready to take on the trends this year.  Here are a few of my favorite looks from the runways that can be blended right into your every day life.
1. Black it Out! I love a good smokey eye.  You can tailor it to your event.  If you are doing a day date, tone it down a bit and smudge it.  Night time.. all bets are off.  Go for the look and layer on that black, put on that LBD, and dance the night away. 

2. The Modern Goth.  I love this look but for me I tweak it to fit my style.  I will still keep my eyes light when wearing a dark lip stain.  My favorite is Witchy by Smashbox which you can find here.

3. Glitter!  This is a no brainer.  I LOVE glitter so this trend has me all over it.  I have blue eyes so I tend to stay with the bronze and gold shades.

4. The Natural Glow.  Easy peezy.  I love this for a daily wear.  It takes about 3 seconds to complete and it keeps your look fresh without being over done.  Try using a mineral makeup for a lighter feel and pair it with nude color tones and light mascara.  

5. Stain it Red.  What girl doesn't like a red lip?!  Dress it up, dress it down, put it on with sweats and messy hair.  Red lips are always in style.  Make sure to get a liner to match in order to keep it looking polished.

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