Peach, Bacon and Goat Cheese Crostini

{all photos by Jenn}

Summer may have had it's closing ceremonies this past weekend but South Carolina is still pumping out beach days, sunshine and peaches!

Pick up some of these beauties and throw together this crostini for an appetizer or serve alongside a salad for a light lunch or dinner.  

Peach, Bacon and Goat Cheese Crostini
makes 12

1 small baguette, thinly sliced into 12 pieces
olive oil, for brushing and drizzling
goat cheese, softened
1 peach, cut into 24 slices
salt and pepper
3 slices bacon, cooked and crumbled
1 tbsp fresh thyme
balsamic syrup for drizzling

Preheat oven to 425.  Place baguette slices on cookie sheet and brush each side of bread with olive oil.  Bake until golden, about 5-7 minutes.  Remove from oven and transfer to serving platter.

While bread is toasting, preheat a skillet to medium-high heat and drizzle pan with olive oil.  Place peach slices in skillet and season with salt and pepper.  Cook until edges of peaches become browned.  Remove from heat and set aside.

Spread goat cheese on each baguette slice, top with 2 peaches, crumbled bacon, thyme and a drizzle of balsamic syrup.  Enjoy!

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