DIY: Dressers from Drab to Fab

I have a solid rule that I live by.  If a piece of furniture is in decent shape, and is solid wood, I will not throw it or give it away without a good DIY try.  I love repurposing furniture so when we moved, I knew the cargo dressers that have been in my family for years weren't going to match the esthetic for my daughter's room.  Instead of getting new furniture, I got inspired.  

Originally the furniture was stained a dark brown by yours truly.  (I wish I had snapped a before photo to show you the difference but I completely forgot to do so!  The photo below with the paint brush is the original dark brown stain.)  I wanted my daughter's room to be light and bright.  The dark brown had to go.

Oil base stain isn't always the easiest or most fun finished to deal with.  I used to sand it down which was a huge mess and time consuming!  One trip to Lowes in Myrtle Beach changed that task forever.  
Below are the step by step instructions on how I DIY'd my daughter's dressers in one day without the fuss or mess of sanding them down!

I first brought up a tarp from the garage and laid it across the bedroom floor as to be sure not to ruin the brand new carpet.  My husband travels for work so hauling the heavy furniture down a set of stairs by myself was not an option.

Once I have moved the dressers and drawers onto the tarp and spread them out I was ready to work!

I did not have to fill in any holes and I had decided not to redo the hardware on these pieces.  If you have deep dents, or if you are going to use new hardware be sure to fill in the old holes with a putty like Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty.  It is amazing and pretty easy to work with!

(Tip:  When changing out hardware, be sure to check if the new hardware will fit into the existing holes.  If they don't, fill in the holes so that you can re-drill them later once the furniture has been refinished.  The worst thing is to completely redo the furniture and then realize later that the new hardware won't fit!)

I came across the DIY, time-saving, love of my life in Lowes, Kilz Original Primer | Sealer | Stainblocker in Interior Oil Base.  Oh M Geeeee.  This allows you to paint the primer right over the stain.  YES!  I was able to paint this primer on which locked in the oil stain allowing me to just paint over it.  No sanding + No Mess = LOVE.

I did one coat of the primer and then once the primer dried, switched to the paint color of choice.  The rest is up to you!  I chose to use Valspar Ultra White as my base color.  The drawers I decided to do an ombre of purple.  The colors I chose (All Valspar) were:  Spring Parade, Playful Petal, Fancy Pansy, and Gleeful Joy.

The best part about redoing these pieces is that you don't need a ton of paint so it keeps the project inexpensive.  Each of the purple colors were the sample sizes that I had mixed to match the colors desired and I only had to purchase One Quart of the white.  I have plenty of paint left over in each color which is awesome.  I will be using one of the purple's to re-paint the wood letters on the wall that spell out my daughter's name!

Operation design my house is underway and I cannot wait to share more projects with you as I navigate through some more DIY!

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