Change up your routine with Rowing!

Rowing has quickly become one of my favorite choices when exercising and with all of the rain we are about to get, I thought this may be a great indoor option!  If you haven't tried it you should.  Rowing is an amazing choice for all ages as it places no strain on your joints or back.  You can easily get a full body workout in while burning calories at a rapid pace.

If you keep the tension low, it allows you to keep your speed higher which allows you to reach an aerobic state.  This benefits your heart and lungs tremendously.

When you turn up the tension this amazing machine is an awesome full body, muscle toning workout.   You can expect to work your back, shoulders, arms, butt, hips, and legs all in a low-impact way!

Best part about my rowing machine is that is sits in an air conditioned room in my home directly in front of a tv.  Now I can catch up on all my Real Housewives while being productive!  I own the Concept 2 which can be found here!

Below is a sample beginner workout that I have done and found extremely effective.  One of the things I love about working out at home is that I can google just about any type of workout I want to do.  Once I do a few, then I combine the parts of each I like best to tailor it to my desired results.  [HIIT workouts with the row machine is my all time favorite!]

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Happy Rowing!

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