I didn't have my mat while on vacation, so a towel is what I used while doing my practice on the balcony.

Namaste:  The Benefits of Yoga & Why You Should Try It

This year I have decided to try and change myself for the better.  My goals were to eat healthier, exercise more, be a better mother, be a better wife, and really get in touch with who I am as a person.  All around, i wanted to live my life the happiest way possible.

I have made a ton of changes this year that have helped me in this journey.  I poured myself into books that made me open my mind to different ways of thinking and dealing with everyday life.  [I will address the books in a different post!]  I also started to make a fitness schedule and stick to it.  The new schedule included yoga once a week.

We all know that yoga helps with flexibility, muscle strength, posture, increases blood flow, the lists goes on.  For me, I needed something in my life that was a calming moment I could take just for myself.

As a mom of two young girls married to a man who is away for work more than home (yay for deployments), I get overwhelmed.  Add those two things to the normal house checklist, taking care of our dogs, running a photography business... yeah sometimes I drop the ball when it comes to taking care of myself.  It happens to the best of us.  Motherhood is hard and comes in all forms.  No matter what your situation, you need time for you.

Why I found yoga to be a saving grace at least once a week

I always played sports growing up.  Working out while playing sports and having that team support made it easy to stay in amazing shape.  As an adult and as a mother, we no longer really have this.  I had to find ways to do things I loved, but do them on my own.  

I love to run.  It is my excuse to get outside.  Let's face it though, those who know me know I am a fair weather running.  I am not going out in the rain, snow, cold, ect.  It's not happening.  I had to find something as therapeutic that I could do indoors so yoga seemed like an amazing choice.  Plus as I get older, it is something I can continue to practice and enjoy.

I am no yogi [yet] but I love the practice.  Some of my favorite benefits that have helped me tremendously this year in my journey include:
  • Helps me focus
  • Promoted a healthier lifestyle
  • Relaxes me
  • Helps with balance
  • Helps me sleep better
  • Gives me inner strength
  • Gives me peace of mind
  • All around makes me a happier person

I used to practice yoga before I moved from Virginia to Myrtle Beach in my house and I am now super excited to have a yoga studio within walking distance to my new home.  I haven't tried the studio yet, but I did stop by Yoga In Common to check it out and I am crazy excited to begin classes with them this fall when both my girls are in school.  [If you are needing a yoga partner and want to join me when going to some classes let me know!  I would love to get a group together consistently!]

I urge you to give it a try.  You can join a local class, or YouTube it and do it in a quiet space in your home or on the beach.  I promise when you try it, you will see why it has quickly become something I find beneficial in all aspects of my life.

Take a moment, breathe and reflect.  You deserve it.

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