Back To School Lunches for the Busy Mama

So rushing around in the mornings isn't how I love to start my day.  The last thing I want to do is slack on my girls lunches when they are heading off for a full day at school, or ask them to make a sandwich with me super fast before we have to leave.  It is important to me to try and give them a healthy well balanced meal that they will eat.  Most mornings go by incredibly fast so by prepping lunches ahead of time, it saves me some sanity.  Here are some quick tips and ideas to help you speed up your mornings without sacrificing nutrition or putting your kiddos to work!
  • Kid sizes aren't always the best.  Avoid pre-packaged, processed foods for your kids.  They are super expensive and loaded with preservative and sodium
  • Break rules.  Lunches don't have to be sandwiches and cookies.  Try making your kids lunch like you would a snack.  Think crackers or bagels!  (Go with whole grain ones when you can.)  You can add peanut butter, ham and cheese, Nutella... the choices are endless.
  • Kids love sweets.  Why not incorporate fruit into his lunch?  Slicing up fruit such as bananas, berries, or using raisins can easily be stacked onto the peanut butter crackers!  Fruit roll ups are always a hit in our home so I try and make sure to buy the ones that are real fruit leathers or roll-ups.  Fruit cups are also great just make sure they are packed in 100% fruit juice rather than syrup.
  • Smoothies!  You can hide spinach or kale so easily in fruit smoothies.  Make the night before and freeze in a thermos so that it is slushy for lunch the next day!
  • Raw veggies for the win!  I have gotten my girls to eat carrots, celery, tomatoes, cucumbers if I pair it with a dressing or dip.  Ranch works wonders!
  • Use what you got.  If you kid loved dinner last night, put it in a thermos and let him enjoy it for lunch!
One thing I love to do is to buy 5 containers that I can pre-pack when I know we are going to have a busy week.  These containers from Amazon are the perfect size to fit into a lunchbox!  I can prep them, stack them in the fridge and bam.. done for the next day, or few days, or week!

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