Throwing it Together In Style
DIY Your Next Event!
Lisa Lee

It is no surprise to anyone that party planning costs add up fast!  I love hosting a good party and the little details are always my favorite take aways from other events I attend.  The down side to hosting is that all the costs for these fun little details add up quickly and can break the bank.  I have found some easy ways to keep great style but do so on a budget. 

1.  Don't do every single table!  A lot of the time the main table is the main focus.  It will be most likely be where you have the food, centerpieces or cake.  Take the time to focus the most amount of attention on this table.  Once you do this, the other tables (if there are any) can simply compliment it.

Peek that Pop Fizz Clink sign?!  I found it at TJMaxx!  So perfect.

2. Plan early so you can order things online.  A little effort in searching online can render a large amount of savings!  I love places such as Etsy, Michaels, Hobby Lobby and any local vendors in the area which I live.  If you plan in advance, you can also frequent places like Target and check out their clearance isle in the front of the store.  You would be amazed to see how many of those little details can really help amp up your event!  (I once found a whole Eric Carle section within that clearance isle which just happened to fit in with my daughter's Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Party when she turned 2!)

These Balloon Letters are ordered individually here on Etsy which is awesome because you can spell whatever you want!

3.  Find places that allow you to print the number of invitations you need instead of a minimum order, which sticks you with a billion extra invites you end up trashing!  This can help save some money if your event is on the smaller side for sure.

These invitations were found here on Zazzle!

4. Think outside the box.  I couldn't find a black table cloth in any store last minute.  (Totally left this out of my "plan early" list.)  Instead of panicking, I easily found black curtains and sewed the two panels together.  I knew I had ordered a table runner, so putting the curtains together was no problem since the seam would be hidden underneath!  Don't sew??  No worries, they have a product called stitch witchery for you crafty people!

The Black curtain panels I grabbed from Walmart while the runner I bought here on Etsy!

5. Don't be afraid of paper or plastic products and printing things at home.  If you are only needing a couple menus printed, or a few place cards, try printing them yourself at home on cardstock!  Also, china can get expensive to provide and is easily broken or chipped.  Go check out your local party store's wedding section.  They tend to have some great heavy duty plastic alternatives that look just as pretty!

The Plates and Utensils I found at Party City in the wedding section.  The chargers I bought from my local Hobby Lobby along with the napkins.  The cardstock I bought from Michaels so that I could print the menus from home.

So don't be afraid to rock out that next party you are planning!  Make sure to share with us the photos from your event.  I can't wait to see what y'all have come up with!

All Photos Courtesy of LiLee Photography

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