Begin Running With 5 Quick Tips!  

Running may seem like an impossible task to some.  I love running because its free, it gets me outdoors, and I can gage my endurance and my goals I set for myself pretty easily whether it be time or distance.  Read through these quick tips the next time you dread the run! 

  1. Make a killer playlist.  I have a lot of EDM (electronic dance music) on my playlist.  I love it because it keeps me from slowing down during my run!  Cue Skrillex.
  2. Make sure you have a good pair of shoes.  Nothing sucks more than blisters and bad support.  Invest in a good pair of running shoes and feel the difference!  Local running stores can help you get fitted for your perfect pair.
  3.  Try going to distance rather than time.  I am not a fast runner and never have been.  I prefer to gage my workouts with distance.  Start short and work your way up!  
  4. Find a running buddy.  See if you can enlist one of your friends to join you on your running journey!  Make sure they have their playlists ready and you both can drown out the pain with your music together!
  5. Create a schedule for yourself.  Once you get on the schedule you will feel better about going out for your runs.  You’ll even start to look forward to it, I promise.  Just make sure to schedule in rest days once a week.  Part of training is in your recovery so give yourself the much needed break!  

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