HIIT it up At the Park

HIIT It Up At The Park

Being a mom, I have to sneak in workouts when and where I can.  The park is the perfect place to do this!  My kids are totally entertained and I can get my workout done in the fresh air outdoors.   I tend to do these workouts in the evenings after dinner at the parks in The Market Common.  If you haven’t been yet, go check it out!

Find the nearest park bench or use the stairs on the playground jungle gym!

Begin with mountain climbers.  Using the bench, place your hands on the edge and lean into an inclined plank position.  Bring your right knee up to your chest then switch to your left and repeat.

Squat Jumps.  Begin in a squat position then jump up and land back into the squat position.  Repeat for the entire minute. 

Next do tricep dips!  Sitting on the bench, place hands on either side of you lifting yourself off of the bench.  Take two small steps forward and then lower yourself up and down being sure to tuck your elbows in to keep them in line.  Continue this for the entire minute

Step ups.  Standing in front of the bench, step up with your right foot and then back down leading with your right foot.  Continue for 1 minute and then switch to the other leg for the next minute.

Repeat 3 more times!

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