HIIT the Beach for Your Morning Workout

So to be honest, I have a love/hate relationship with working out. I love how I feel when I am finished, and I love the results it commands, but I really hate the build up and getting my butt out of the house to get it done. Once Im out and started Im excited but getting there... yeah.

So now I try and throw in a workout places I am already motivated to go to. The beach is an obvious favorite spot especially living here in Myrtle Beach! Below is a quick HIIT routine that will burn. Once youre done, grab your water and enjoy the sun!

Tip I try and get to Myrtle Beach State Park around 7-7:30am. The weather is perfect and the beach goers havent gotten there yet, making the beach so peaceful and fairly empty!

Make sure to warm up! 
Do a quick 30 sec- 1 minute of jumping jacks or skips Now to get into it!

Do each exercise for 30 sec with a 30 sec rest in between each. Repeat the entire cycle 3 times.

  1. Twisting Mountain Climbers Start in a plank position. Bring one knee up to the opposite elbow, having them touch. Alternate and repeat.
  2. Inch-worm Push-Ups Bend forward and touch your toes. Walk your hands out into a plank position and do one push-up. Walk your feet back toward your hands and repeat!
  3. Lunge Jumps Begin in a lunge position then jump up switching your legs in the air to land with the other foot out front in a lunge position. Repeat!
  4. Plank Drags Starting in a plank position, place a towel under your toes. Drag your feet up to your hands and then walk your hands back out until you are in a plank position again. Repeat!
  5. Side Shuffles Starting in a squat position side shuffle in one direction about 20 yards and then facing the same direction, shuffle back to the start. Continue for the entire 30 sec. 
Always make sure to stretch when you finish up and then you can enjoy the rest of your beach day guilt free!

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