Easy Chicken Tacos - Crockpot Style

So I don t know about y all, but cooking dinner for the family every night can sometimes be overwhelming. I am far from a chef and am always looking for delicious, easy recipes to change up the normal routine! Cue Chicken Tacos. This unbelievably easy recipe is one that I found via Pinterest. (Yes, I actually made something I pinned. Crazy, right?!) It is so easy and so good I had to pass it along! I also made this recently for a taco night in my neighborhood, which was super easy to whip up and bring along! Enjoy!

Fun Fact: I use the chicken for nachos as a snack on day two. Yay for leftovers!

Get that Crockpot Out and Mix Together: 
One Jar of Salsa (24-ounce)

Juice from One Lime
1⁄4 cup of Chopped, Fresh Cilantro

One package of taco seasoning (1.25-ounce)
You Can add 1-2 Jalapeno Peppers (Finely Chopped) to spice it up however, I leave them out

Now add 4-6 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts to the pot, cover, and cook on low for 6 hours. 
I use The Pampered Chef s Salad Chopper Scissors to easily shred the chicken before serving!

That s it! Your chicken to fill your tacos, or top your nachos, is made. 
It really is that easy. 

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