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I'm just a normal girl who really likes food...   Like to the point that it's a dream of mine to go to culinary school...  Like to the point that every vacation I plan, or city I visit totally revolves around eating the food, not sightseeing.  A few years back we took a trip to Venice, Greece and Munich.  I cannot tell you one church, structure of museum I visited, but I can tell you every meal I ate.

I'm also just a normal girl that wants to look my best and live a healthy lifestyle.  I'm not an athlete or an aspiring bikini competitor, I don't have a "season" or an "off season".  I just want to stay in shape, year round, and be healthy.

Can these two girls exist together?  Can the girl who wants to look great in her summer bikini also enjoy craft beers and food truck crawls?  In this day and age, the mainstream diet industry makes it seem impossible.  It's almost as if they set us up to fail...  Women's magazines preach "balance" in your diet, then you turn the page to see what you should and shouldn't be eating, or what the new diet pill de jour is.  Madness!

A quick google search of "diet books" produces lists of books that want you to cut out:
...all while promoting cardio in high quantities...

I can't say I haven't gotten sucked in to these diets.   I've tried them all through the years...Atkins, the Zone, Paleo, 21-day fix, South Beach, Mediterranean, Flexitarian, the Abs Diet.... the list can go on and on.  Honestly, a lot of these programs work for people in the short term and maybe even in the long term, but we need to face the facts about these diets...

According to a study conducted by Gary Foster, PhD, clinical director of the Weight and Eating Disorders Program at the University of Pennsylvania, 65% of dieters return to their pre-diet weight within 3 years and only 5% of people who lost weight on a "crash diet" will keep the weight off.

This is a huge problem and I attribute it all to the fact that these diets restrict certain foods or food groups.   These foods are "no no's" and even if a taste of them passes your lips, you have failed.  
Here comes the guilt....

After the guilt comes the "throw in the towel" moment where we say to ourselves, "Well, I've screwed up so I might as well have whatever I want for the rest of the day..."  Sound familiar?

Any diet that forbids you from eating something is simply setting you up for failure.  Life happens!  Happy hours come up, birthdays happen, bad days that can only be solved with ice cream or wine happen!  I sure as hell don't want to pass up that slice of birthday cake, that margarita, or that plate of nachos.

Smart choices can be made every day.  You can and should be able to have it all - get the body and eat the food.  

Follow the blog and find out how I've tailored my fitness journey into one that allows me to truly live life without restrictions and have fun eating delicious food.  From now on, HangryGal will not only provide great recipes, but every Monday will be "Motivation Monday", where I'll spell out some tips and tricks to staying healthy without compromising your happiness.  

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